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Missing a bushing? Stock bushings just plain worn out and mushy?
Do your transmission bushings look like these?

Booger Bushings® are a replacement for the stock OEM shifter cable end bushings on both the shifter end and transmission ends of the stock cables. Made specifically for both Gen1 ('95-'99) and Gen2('00-up) 5-speed manual transmission Neons. These also fit other FWD Mopar 5-speeds with cable shift linkage, specifically the A523, A543 and A568.

Applications include:

all '95-'05 Neons '01-up PT and GT Cruiser (NV-T350 and Getrag trans)
'03-'05 Dodge Neon SRT-4 (NV T850 trans) '95-'99 Stratus/Breeze/Cirrus
2001-3 Sebring GTC 2.7 V6 Stratus R/T sedan 5-speed, '02-'04
Spirit and Spirit R/T Mini-van including turbo
most Shadows including CSX, Sundance etc some Daytonas, Acclaims, Lancers, etc

Note that some the various Daytona, Shadow and Spirit, etc may need to use four of the small bushings and will not need the single large bushing shown. Please verify what you need before-hand so that we can work together to be sure you get the bushings you need!

Booger Bushings ® also fit some GM cars with the Getrag 282 and 284, ie Lumina Z34, Cutlass Supreme, etc.
Many of these cars have only one cable and only use 2 small bushings. Continue on to the Order page to order these "1/2 sets".

Injection molded polyurethane with a proprietary molded-in lubricant. These are significantly stiffer than the stock bushings but are not a "solid" bushing. Provides more precise shift "feel" and more reliable shifting. Features an internal reduced diameter to "snap" into place securely on the shaft. The outside diameter of the small bushings will make for a snug fit in the cable ends to keep them securely in place. The outer lip prevents the cable ends from coming off. The stock bushings have a lip on the inside and the outside. Due to the fact that these are much stiffer than the stock parts, a lip molded on the bottom outside edge would prevent you from getting the bushing into the cable end.

Available in common colors: basic black, lime green, red, yellow and blue and orange!

Note: BoogerBushings ® work with stock OEM shifters, the Mopar Performance shifters, the Hurst shifter and both versions of the B&M shifter. If you have the EARLY version of the B&M, one bushing needs to be slightly modified for use with the shoulder bolt. The new Mopar/Hurst shifter for the PT Cruiser will also need one bushing to be modified. You will need to drill out the snap detail and shorten that single bushing so that it fits the shoulder bolt supplied with your shifter. A picture of a B&M shifter with a modified bushing is here:

Booger Bushings ® : $22.00 per set including shipping via First Class Mail with delivery confirmation.
Partial sets or mixed color sets are always available priced at $5.00 per bushing plus shipping.

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Please email for information on ordering bushings in less than a full set or with any other questions. We now ship most orders via First Class Mail in the US, Canada and most other countries. USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation is available at an extra cost, inquire. UPS is available, inquire. Need a set sent somewhere outside the US or Canada? We can help you! Send an email for a shipping quote.
BoogerBushings have been sent worldwide to 43 countries outside the US including:
Spain, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Bahamas,
Brazil, England, Scotland, Costa Rica, Germany, France, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and many more....

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Short video on how to correctly remove a bushing. Also shows snapping a new bushing into place. 2meg video
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