Sick of that annoying wheel hop with your 5-speed equipped 1995-1999 Neon? Even the Mopar Performance replacement bobble strut doesn't stop wheel hop. How about an affordable solid rear mount to replace that weak bobble strut? The "BoogerMount".

Welded steel construction. Adjustable in length at the bottom to fit minor differences from car to car with a nylon lock nut on the top to help set "preload" to your personal preference. This unit WILL add some vibration and noise to the car that can be heard inside. Setting it for a "loose fit"/less preload will lessen this vibration and interior noise.

Simply unbolt your stock bobble strut, save the two stock rubber coated washers and the bottom bolt and nut for re-use. Swap this piece back into it's place for less wheel hop and better traction.

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