9-30-07 - Dyno with a new set of bigger cams. Open header made a HUGE difference.

9-23-07 - Fun Day racing at Rock Falls Raceway, 12.31 @ 111

5-10-07 - Dyno to compare a NRGheads.com "race" ported PT-style head with 1mm oversize Neon valves vs a "Neon" head that I ported with stock valves. All other engine parts were the same. Blue line is the Neon head, red line is the PT head.

Dyno results. Trip #1 in late November showed us that it had a broken spark plug. The good news is that the missing electrode and ground strap went out thru an exhaust valve. The bad news is that it needs a new valve and seat. Swapped heads and back to the dyno on 12-30-06. Old head has 1mm oversize valves and significant port work. This head has stock valves and very little port work. We'll fix the head over the winter.

October 28, 2006, last race day of the year at Rock Falls Raceway - 12.446 @ 108.78. Another nice improvement. Video from another pass which should have been a touch quicker, had trouble finding 3rd gear: Google video 12.74 @ 106.

October 8, 2006 Rock Falls Raceway - 12.679 @ 107.51 A little better than I had hoped for but no complaints!
Not a great video but it's better than having nothing at all, thanks Rob! click here for video
Last race date this year looks to be October 21st. Maybe a 12.5?

August 27, 2006, Rock Falls Raceway - 13.010 @ 105.64. Oh-so-close. Next race date is Sept 16th. I'll be riding shotgun on the Hot Rod Drag Week tour Sept 10th thru the 15th. If you happen to be in the area of one of the drag strips that week look for the lone black 2004 SRT-4 that is registered and say "Hi"!

May 16 2006: Here we go again. 2.4 is back together with a mostly stock "Neon" head and a 3.55 trans (has to go, the gearing sucks). Went 13.2 @ 104 in early May 2006. Trans swap and GOOD ported head are coming back soon.

13.35 @ 102.99 at Rock Falls Raceway on 10-22-05.
Timeslips here.
Video here.

May 2005: Swapped to a lightly ported DOHC head and Crane 22s on the old 2.0 SOHC bottom end. 10.5:1 Wiseco slugs, Blackdog intake manifold and header. No dyno pulls. Went 14.02 @ 99.3 at Milan Dragway in Michigan on 7-7-05. Went 13.88 @ 101.2 at Rock Falls Raceway in WI on 8-28-05.

May 2004: The 2.4 was up and running. It needed some more fuel tuning. At 5800 miles it broke a valve spring, dropped a valve and punched holes in the piston. Instant death. It did go a relatively easy 13.3 @ 104 at Byron Dragway in June 2004. Never really gave it hell in a 1/4 mile before the valve spring failed.
Comparing the old 2.0 and the relatively untuned 2.4:

Old 2.0 SOHC engine: Results of some quick dyno pulls:

Parts to get there include:

  • lightly ported Magnum head
  • Crane cam 158-0005, AEM cam gear, Crane valve springs, stock rockers, shafts, retainers, etc
  • 2.0 block, bored .020", Wiseco pistons @ 10.5:1
  • Blackdog Motorsports header, 2.5" exhaust
  • "ghetto blaster" intake manifold, my contraption
  • "odd" PCM, 7800 limiter with other misc tweaks that make it unique
  • Best ET and speed to date with this combination and limited traction is 14.11 @ 97.98 MPH